• Kranik Brand Clothing

    A simple boutique hoodie street wear brand. Our unique spelling celebrates the beauty of life and it's chaos. 'Kra-nik' is the phonetical spelling of the annunciation of 'CHRONIC' in English. The definition of chronic is (of a person) having an illness persisting for a long time or constantly recurring. Our brand name an homage to those who struggle and an homage to nature's natural remedies. Our name fitting for a personal label, as a brand we encourage you to find your own style and find outlets, try different sports and hobbies. Sunshine is healthy for you. Exercise is healthy for you. Get outside. Get into action sports. Invite someone to try your favorite passion. Try art. Find outlets. Do what makes you happy. You are not broken if you're different. Embrace it. Chase happiness. Be kind!

    What's your outlet?


  • Why Surfing? Dirtbikes? Skateboards?

    It's about Outlets! Cause Surfing, Dirt Bikes and Skateboarding changed my life... Skating was one of my first 'outlets' growing up. Along with dirt bikes, these two outlets were my first real sense of identity. A sense of freedom, style and creativity. My first loves. I felt comfortable in my skin being a skate punk teen in the 80's & adult in the 90's. My dirt bike in my teens was another world for me when I was riding. Simply put, therapeutic. I spent hours trail riding and it was a sense of freedom. It was surfing after college that truly changed the path I took in life. It truly helps the soul. I was fortunate as a kid to have parents who encouraged my participation in action sports. They still help me cope in life today dealing with anxiety and depression. As a brand, Kränik, that's our goal. To encourage people to find outlets. To Find passions. To create life art. What's your outlet?


  • Skwok Brand Clothing

    Welcome to Skwök. Pronounced (squ'awk). Sister brand to Kranik Brand. A play on my last name. A brand my father could wear and be proud of. Inspired by a kid named Phoenix. A platform to inspire and encourage. An homage to the 90's action sports era art and concepts using the principles 'Keep it simple stupid'. Good quality hoodies, solid and unique hats, clean t-shirts designs and good swag. Under the Kränik Brand Umbrella. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. A brand for those who love the outdoors and the good times that come with outdoor activities and adventures. A brand with a passion for freedoms and standing up for what's right.

    Onomatopoeia : the formation of a word from a sound associated with what is named: (skwok, squawk, sizzle, pow, buzz, hiss, splash, roar, bam , wow, swoosh) Have a voice!

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